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Please note: We can no longer get the bronzed or pewter 29 hands.

Nebraska Red Cedar Boards
The wood is hand selected and kiln dried at the Sawle Mill in Springview Nebraska.   We believe this wood has a richer appearance and more character than any of the exotic hardwoods we had previously considered for our boards .   We think you'll agree........

4 Player Red Cedar 2 Piece Travel Board #419C/TR
2 Player Red Cedar
#218C - Large Pegs

2 Player Red Cedar

2 Player Red Cedar
#230C - Large Pegs

4 Player Red Cedar #420C
Your Picture Free

3 Player Red Cedar

4 Player Red Cedar

4 Player Red Cedar

Black Finish Boards
The light wood Pine under the black epoxy coating makes locating the peg holes a breeze.  


Light Finish Boards
Ponderosa Pine with clear coat finish.    We try to use blanks with interesting textures for these boards. .

3 Player Black Finish #318B

4 Player Black Finish #418B

3 Player Light Finish

4 Player Light Finish

Dark Finish Boards
These boards receive numerous coats of Mahogany stain with 24 to 48 hours cure time required between each application.
Photo Boards
Specialty Theme Boards
Our 318 series boards
are perfect for photos. Select one from our catalog or have your own photo featured.
Is there a golfer or sailor
in you family. Check out these boards for yourself or that someone special.

4 Player Nautical Theme

3 Player Dark Finish

4 Player Dark Finish

3 Player Photo

4 Player Golf Theme

Cork Boards
Cork flooring is laminated to a Pine underlayment to create these boards.  Production time is lengthy but in our opinion, well worth the extra effort to create these unique Earth-friendly boards.
Travel Boards
The 11 inch 211COR will fit nicely inside a computer case.  The two-piece 224C tournament board measures only 12 inches when broken down for travel.  The 419C is our brand new two-piece 4 player tournament board that breaks down to 10x4x2.5 inches in its tote bag.

3 Player Cork

4 Player Cork

2 Player Travel

2 Player Cedar Travel

4Player Cedar Travel

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2 Player Red Cedar #230C